The Centre research aims for industrial growth, increased sustainability and increased end use of solar modules.


This WP contains three distinct activities related to Impact and End Use of solar electricity. Firstly, the Centre will analyze how the partner companies and research institutions can strengthen their position in the highly competitive global solar cell market via innovation, collaboration and improved competitiveness. Secondly, the Centre will demonstrate the substantial impact of the developments in WP1 – 3 where it actually counts, namely in the performance of a complete solar energy system. Factors like increased electricity production (kWh), improved operation and/or reduced degradation over time, the resulting levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and the obtainable reductions in environmental footprint on system level are all important for the position of new products in the market, and will therefore be documented and disseminated. The Centre will also interact with leading installers, end users and organizations to impact national deployment and developments within end use, and provide easy access to updated, reliable, and quality controlled data regarding solar energy systems required for cost-effective and sustainable growth in end use, both in Norway and abroad.

Work package manager: Heine Nygard Riise (IFE)

Contact information: heine.riise[at]