The material quality of Si ingots and wafers depends on the Si feedstock, crucible, furnace materials and the parameters of the crystallization process.

Foto: Thor Nielsen


The combination of reduced costs and increased efficiencies of industrial Si solar cells makes the development of new crystallization processes critical. This WP will show that Si wafers allowing for solar cells with high efficiency can be fabricated using sustainable and low-cost processes. Industrial production of high performance monocrystalline (Czochralski, Cz) and multicrystalline (HPMC) Si materials are acknowledged strengths of the consortium. Norsun and Norwegian Crystals produce Cz Si materials for some of the most demanding customers in the world. Elkem Solar produces high performance mc-Si. The Quartz Corporation produces quartz for much of the global crucible market and Steuler Solar develops a reusable crucible, with ambitious plans for domestic production. PVA is a leading supplier of equipment to the international solar industry, and also participates in this WP. Understanding the effects of the crystallization processes upon material quality, and the use of this knowledge to improve the Cz and HPMC Si solidification methods further are the main tasks. Reaching for ultimate reductions in environmental impact, kerfless Si technology enabling Si wafer production without sawing-related material losses will also be targeted.

Work package manager: Mari Juel (SINTEF)

Contact information: mari.juel[at]