In order to increase solar cell and module efficiencies, new materials and processes are required.

This WP supports the stated goal of Energi21 to develop materials and processes for high efficiency Si solar cells and modules. By increasing efficiency, both cost reductions and lower environmental impact can be obtained. The Centre targets efficiency increases along two separate routes. Firstly, higher efficiency and improved durability arising from the improved Si materials and wafers will be demonstrated. This is important to all Si, ingot and wafer producers. Secondly, new processes and architectures for increased efficiency will be developed. Two concepts with a potential for more radical increases in efficiency: photon energy conversion (PEC) and Si-based tandem solar cells will be investigated with an aim for possible commercialization in a longer timeframe. Materials and processes for tailoring the aesthetic properties of Si solar cells, and hence modules, will also be developed in this WP based on the same toolbox of materials and processes. In Norway, building-integrated photovoltaic technology (BIPV) is particularly attractive due to the possibility to extract synergies during construction and reduce overall costs. This activity will involve Glass- og Fasadeforeningen, Fusen, Omsorgsbygg and Code.

Work package manager: Kristin Bergum (UiO)

Contact information: kristin.bergum[at]