On Friday 4 October 2019, Prof. Kazuki Morita from the University of Tokyo finished his three-week stay at NTNU for strengthening the UTokyo-NTNU bilateral research cooperation, especially on Si materials.

A specific seminar focusing on current Si research at NTNU was organized by the WP1 manager assoc. Prof. Jafar Safarian and Prof. Gabriella Tranell. WP1 members Mengyi Zhu and Arman Hoseinpur presented their ongoing PhD projects on “Metallurgical-grade silicon purification by acid leaching” and “Phosphorus removal by high temperature vacuum refining”. PhD candidate Jianmeng Jiao gave a talk on Si-based phase change materials, and new PhD candidate Azam Rasouli presented her work on boron removal by slag refining. The seminar ends with fruitful discussions and warm atmosphere.

Thank you for the visit and welcome back!



Prof. Kazuki Morita took bachelor degree in 1983, master degree in 1985, and Doctor of Engineering in 1988 from the University of Tokyo at the Department of Metallurgy. He has his expertise in physical chemistry on high temperature materials processing mostly related to iron- and steelmaking, silicon refining, and materials recycling at the Department of Materials Engineering in the University of Tokyo. His reported a number of thermodynamic data on impurities in molten silicon has clarified the validity of new metallurgical processes for solar grade silicon refining. In addition, he and his students pursued innovative processes for more effective silicon refining via new principle, one of which is widely known as a solvent refining process with a possibility of higher refining efficiency and lower processing temperature.