Access to data streams from a number of correctly instrumented and operated PV installations is a prerequisite for improved understanding of the performance and degradation of these installations in Norwegian conditions.

The interactive map makes data streams from PV installations in Norway monitored by FME SUSOLTECH accessible for industry, research and education in Norway. The aim is to make data from many different types of PV installations in different regions of Norway accessible through the website. You can now access the map in the tab “PV MAP".

For each of the PV installations included in the map, we present measured production and meteorological data, as well as performance ratio (PR) values calculated in real time.

If you want to contribute, the required data is energy production from the plant, irradiation and ambient temperature. The data is displayed as the hourly average for the current day. We take care of analysis. All we need from you is access to your data and a willingness to share with the Norwegian PV community! Contact if you are interested in sharing your data.