SuSolTech together with The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster are proud the present the Roadmap for the Norwegian Solar Cell Industry Towards 2030.

The roadmap has been developed together with the Norwegian solar industry, and spans across the whole value chain.

Some key content:

  • How the industry has developed towards 2020
  • Expected marked developments towards 2030
  • An overview of the Norwegian Solar Cell Industry
  • Recommendations for continued growth

The roadmap shows that the collective employment in a broad Norwegian solar industry can reach 10 000 man-years in 2030. At the same time, the annual turnover may reach at least 60 billion NOK. This will mainly originate from players within these fields:

  • Installation of solar systems in Norway
  • Development and operation of utility scale solar systems
  • Export of sustainable silicon and wafers to be used in solar cell modules
  • Export of technology and solutions for floating photovoltaics.

You can find the complete roadmap here.