An important step towards acknowledgement of the sustainability of Norwegian silicon and wafer production.

We have long known that the silicon and wafer production in Norway is unique with its low carbon footprint. Now we also have Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) stating this. With an increasing focus of sustainable renewable energy, such EPD’s are a very important step for the Norwegian industry as it allows for comparison of the environmental impact for two similar products.  As an example, NorSun’s wafers power a new, top performing, low CO2 footprint SunPower branded solar panel manufactured by Maxeon Solar Technologies, making it easier for the end user to build as sustainable as possible.

EPD’s include all of the environmental factors involved in the product, including the raw materials, production process and transport. The EPD’s are made according to the Product Category Rules (NPCR 029 – v1.1).

Because of the recognised need in the market for environmental declarations and the market leading CO2 footprint of Norwegian silicon, EPD Norway took the initiative together with the public sector, the Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster, FME SuSolTech and Asplan Viak, to lay the framework for these EPD’s by preparing a PCR (product category rules) document.