On April 11th we received the announcement that the application for a new research centre addressing solar power, FME SOLAR, was awarded funding in a very competitive run.

The announcement was made at IFE with the Ministers for Energy (Aasland) and Research and higher education (Hoel), as well as the Director of the Research Council of Norway (RCN) present. This is extremely welcome. The activities in FME SUSOLTECH ends in 2025. The new grant allows for a seamless continuation of core activities for the Norwegian PV community and simultaneously open up for a significantly broader range of R&D activities targeting the full PV industry value chain.


The new research centre will have over 50 partners. The research partners from FME SUSOLTECH: IFE, NMBU, NTNU, SINTEF, UiA and UiO will continue their good collaboration in FME SOLAR.

We look forward to the continuation