Snow loss modelling and bifacial performance in the Nordics, in addition to automated fault detection, module effects of microcracks and spectral irradiance quantification.

This week several of the Centre researchers are presenting at the international conference at IEEE PVSC:

Heine Nygaard Riise has investigated the performance of a BAPV bifacial plant installed on a factory roof in Porsgrunn, Norway. Specific yield for 2020 is estimated to 1342 kWh/kWp which is over 34 % higher than what is typical for Norwegian PV systems.

Mari Øgård has used PV plant data for different systems in Norway and has found that by using a  snow depth dependent clearing rate coefficient it is possible to obtain lower errors in snow cover modelling.

Anne Gerd Imenes presents a deep learning approach for automated fault detection on solar modules using image composites.

Oscar Kwame Segbefia has measured temperature profiles of field-aged multicrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules affected by microcracks.

Basant Raj Paudyal presents a poster with the title: Uniqueness verification of blue fraction as a parameter of spectral irradiance quantification