Bondelaget (Norwegian Farmers’ Union) is the largest Farmers’ organization in Norway. The organization work for the views of people who think growing food in Norway is important. The main aim is to improve conditions in agricultural and show how important agriculture is for the community. The organization have more then 60.000 members, 540 local associations and 18 regional associations, and a central secretariat and regional offices in all parts of the country. The organization is independent of political parties, and negotiate with the government once a year about farmers income.

CODE architecture as is situated in Oslo. The firm has 17 architects working on buildings, landscape design, urban design and city planning. The work of CODE is based on an understanding of the relationship between architecture and context, a striving for optimized organization and pragmatics. The work spans from small scale landscape design and cabins to large scale urban developments. Many of CODEs projects are done with energy efficient and sustainable solutions. Together with Rambøll and IFE, CODE won a competition on innovation and architecture where the aim was to create the world´s most energy efficient office building in an urban context, a large building in downtown Oslo. The competition was called URBAN+ an was held by Entra and Futurebuilt. The winning design bases it´s sustainable technology mainly on an extensive use of solar cells for energy production.

REC Solar Norway   is founded in Norway based on several decades of intensive R&D in silicon. We have developed a break-through proprietary method for manufacturing solar grade silicon through a metallurgical route putting us in the forefront of quality and cost performance. We operate 2 plants in Norway at Kristiansand and Porsgrunn together with approx. 280 employees. We are integrated in a complete value chain from quartz to module together with REC Solar to realize the full potential of our gathered knowledge. R&D is part of our DNA and we believe that by improving technology we make solar the preferred source of energy

Solenergi FUSen AS  designs, develops and deploys solar energy solutions for commercial customers in Norway. The company leads the way for commercial building PV projects, and has installed several projects with more than 1 MW power. The company has installed a total of over 40.000 solar panels by the end of 2017. It has expertise on large roof installations, innovative building-integrated PV (BI-PV) concepts, and PV integrated with advanced energy management and storage. FUSen focuses on high quality work and provides the best and smartest solutions in collaboration with innovative businesses and research partners.

Glass- og Fasadeforeningen (GF) is an organization for enterprises within: production, transformation, processing and sales of glass and belonging products. Property and project management. Advisory and consultency services. Glass is the preferred technology carrier for solar technologies and a strategic material in the solar industry.

Norsun specializes in the production of Cz Si from its factory in Årdal. The company supplies Cz Si wafers to some of the most demanding customers in the world. Norsun will make important contributions to the research in WP2.

Norwegian Crystals (NC), established in 2013, is producing high quality monocrystalline-silicon blocks (P- and N-type) in Glomfjord, Norway. These blocks are then processed into wafers by NC’s contract manufacturing partners. The company started ramping up production in 2016 in order to reach a capacity utilization close to 400 MW/year as well as for capacity enlargements planned in 2018-19. As of 2017 NC has around 80 employees, whereof 15 highly skilled and specialized technologist and engineers focusing on new technologies in order to increase productivity and quality as well as to reduce production costs.

PVA Crystal Growing Systems GmbH (PVA CGS) has sold up to today more than 700 systems. The systems are installed in all major companies of the semiconductor and solar industries. PVA CGS is also cooperating with a high number of research institutes and universities. The company is well known for best quality and highest technology standards. The mission is not just to provide equipment. PVA CGS is a technology and engineering company which creates solutions to the customers’ needs. The goal is to establish long term relationships and to develop together with customers the technologies enabling to dominate the market.

The Solar Energy Cluster The partners in the Solar Energy Cluster have a vision to make Norway the world’s best arena for innovation and testing in solar and energy systems. The partners’ mission is to ensure better solar energy solutions for all, through the dissemination of innovative solutions, cooperation through a good national and international ecosystem for innovation and commercialization. The main goal is to develop and create growth by industrializing sustainable world-class solar energy solutions. The solar energy cluster consists of over a hundred partners in solar energy and energy systems who work together for increased growth.

The Quartz Corp  (TQC) is a major supplier of high purity quartz sand. TQC produces a series of different products for fused quartz applications. The optical, mechanical and thermal properties of high purity quartz products are unique and make them indispensable for the fabrication of highly technical fused quartz products. One of the major fields of applications is quartz glass crucibles made by arc-melting high purity quartz sand.  Quartz glass crucibles are used by the semiconductor and solar industries for growing single crystal ingots from silicon metal by using the Czochralski crystal growing process. TQCs interest in the SUSOLTECH Centre is to understand more about the high purity quartz crucibles role in the mono crystalline  Si solar cell production chain.

Equinor is the largest energy company in Norway. It participates in the Centre to get access to the world-leading competence of the solar cell research and industry partners in the Centre. The engagement in the Centre is a basis for assessment of future business opportunities.

Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF is a public building owner for the Oslo Municipality. We aim at being frontrunners in development, construction, and facility management of environmentally friendly buildings. Participating in SuSolTech provides valuable knowledge that helps us reach our goals.